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For me, inspiring kids to be their musical best is personal!

 After years of doing the same old thing, I realized that I wasn't giving my students the best music experiences possible. When I left the musical baggage and self-doubt that I'd carried with me, I began to make music with kids in more authentic ways. What happened? The joy of making music returned to me, and with it, I learned to listen differently to the music children made. They inspired me and I inspired them. The result?

Joy. Wonder. Awe.

I want to help you and your kids become the musicians you were meant to be.


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Resources for every level and every child.

Arts As Context

An approach to learning that begins with creating art and ends with intelligent conversations.

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Authentic experiences in experimenting with sound and designing and building things that produce sound. It may be LOUD, but it's worth it.

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Listen, Move, Think!

An approach to early childhood and elementary education that begins conversations with music and gross motor movement.

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Musica Bella

An approach to early childhood and elementary music education is inspired by Reggio Emilia and informed by Dr. Gordon's Music Learning Theory.

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Music Puzzles

The music you know and love built the way they want it to sound. These Audacity-ready puzzles give tweens and teens the opportunity to experiment, explore, and play with sounds in order to create one-of-a-kind orchestrations of music by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and others.

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Give a gift of JOY, WONDER, & AWE.

Arts As Context

An artistic approach to learning. Whether you're homeschooling your kids or giving them something constructive to do when they are out-of-school or during those long hot summer days, Dr. Mark's Arts As Context Membership may be a welcome diversion from the other online activities. 

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Music Puzzles

Kids are fascinated by color and puzzles. By joining Dr. Mark's Music Puzzle Membership, your kids will enjoy hours and hours of creative fun. New puzzles each month. New instrumental colors each week. Join today.

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Inspired by Reggio, learn to think differently about making music with others.

Learn to make music in a less scripted manner. Learn to interact with children as the musician you are. Make the most of the musical skills you have, develop new ones, and grow, for yourself and for others.

A hand-crafted coaching opportunity is a click away.

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